The $99 Non-refundable security deposit secures your seat in the top Lash + Brow Academy's class.


IMPORTANT: You will need a model to come to the class at 6:30pm to practice on.


Workshop Date | Monday November 1st

Workshop Time | 4pm-8pm

Workshop Price - $399

Non-refundable deposit of $99 is due at time of registration.

The remaining balance of $300 is due on November 1st at the workshop. We accept cash or venmo as payment.


Workshop Location- 7 Brilliant Ave. Aspinwall, Pa 15215


This customized workshop is specifically designed for lash artists that want to know EXACTLY how we make our volume fans look the way they do! You will spend 2 hours working with four of our favorite volume tweezers on practice bubbles and 2 hours working on a live model. In this workshop you will learn the various techniques to creating the perfect volume fans, exactly the way master lash artists Nikki Becker and Julia Kircher do. Are you someone that is already lashing, but just can’t seem to get the hand-made volume fans down to a science, or feel you’ve been trained incorrectly? This workshop is for you! You will receive a free volume starter kit that includes our favorite top of the line volume lashes, 4 of our favorite volume tweezers, practice bubbles and our favorite volume lash adhesive!

Volume Fanning Workshop + Certification | Monday November 1st

  • The $99 security deposit is non-refundable. If you can not make the class you registered for, an additional $99 security deposit will be needed to switch your seat to a future class date.