CLASS PRICE $1200 The $400 Non-refundable security deposit secures your seat in our class. The remaining $800 is due the day of class (Cash or Venmo ONLY) Class Date- Sunday August 22. Class Time- 10am-5pm IMPORTANT INFORMATION | You will need a model to come to the class at 1:30 that will allow you to practice microblading on. Learn the art of Microblading from Master Microblade Artist Nikki Becker. This is a one day training course for beginners and artists with basic knowledge on microblading that teaches students how to properly and safely apply microbladed strokes into the eyebrow region of the face. WHAT IS MICROBLADING? Microblading allows us to recreate, correct and improve the appearance of the natural brow. This procedure is ideal for both people who have natural brows and those who have them tattooed. The results are natural looking and long lasting.This microblading procedure is semi-permanent. The ink is deposited with a manual pen, the super fine needle blade allows the technician to draw crisp, thin and natural looking hairs on the first dermal layer of skin. The results often last from 1-2 years depending on the client's skin. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: No, you don't need a license or any educational background, this course is for anyone who wants to learn or wants to add a new skill to their current profession. Everyone is welcomed to register whether you are a Housewife, Student, Professional Tattoo Body Artist, Cosmetologist, Esthetician or Beautician. Yes, you can take this course and start your business right after the completion of the training. No license or state registration needed to get trained and certified through us. You must be at least 18yrs of age to register. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: You will gain full knowledge of every aspect of the procedure as well as master various hair strokes application skills. We will go in depth of every necessary step of manual microblading from tool sterilization and skin structure to proper application, aftercare and touch up. During the course you will learn about: Microblading Hair Stroking Method, Safety & sterilization, skin structure, covering old tattoos, mixing colors to match client's natural hair or create a desired effect, tools and products used during procedure, designing new brow, various methods of drawing the brow. What is included in your kit Training Workbook that has been carefully curated by Nikki herself Client Registration and Legal Forms Certificate of Completion | Blinc Lash + Brow Academy Microblade Artist Professiodnal Liability Insurance Information provided Pro Microblading Kit with supplies for 25+ procedures ESTIMATED EARNINGS | all numbers are approximate USD and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips are not included. Average Fee | $450 8 Clients Weekly | $3600 Annual Income | $172,800 We dedicate enough time to the topics you need to understand most (that means a little less classroom time and a lot more hands-on practice!). Receive real-time, in-depth feedback from Nikki. Small class sizes ensure you receive plenty of one-on-one attention. These courses take place at our location 7 Brilliant Ave. Aspinwall PA 15215. These dates don't work for you? Email us at, and we can let you know when our next courses open up!

Microblading Training + Certification Class | Sunday November 14th

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